Reading poems about self-organizing + discussion

28. Mai 2024
Kamenzer Str. 38, Dresden, Sachsen, 01099
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We are reading two poems out of a book „Deciding for Ourselves. Promise of Direct Democracy.“ by Cindy Milstein who is a queer Jewish anarchist, activist, and writer. Afterwards a discussion and exchange will take place.

A better world through self-determination and self-governance is not only achievable. It is already happening in urban and rural communities around the world—from Mexico to Rojava, Denmark to Greece—as an implicit or explicit replacement for nations, police, and other forms of hierarchical social control.

This anthology explores this “sense of freedom in the air,” as one piece puts it, by looking at contemporary examples of autonomous, directly democratic spaces and the real-world dilemmas they experience, all the while underscoring the egalitarian ways of life that are collectively generated in them.

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